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Frequently Asked


What conditions certify me for medical marijuana use?

There are over 20 qualifying conditions the state of Pennsylvania has approved to receive medical marijuana. Learn more about them here.

Can any doctor approve me for medical marijuana?

No, Dr. Scaffidi has been specially trained to recognize who can benefit from medical marijuana and certify them for it's use. 


How do I register for medical marijuana?

To register you need to visit - we can help you navigate all the steps, learn more here.

Does my medical marijuana registration expire?

Yes, you must remember to renew your registration 60 days before your ID card expires.​

Do I have to smoke my medical marijuana?

No, there are six forms of medical marijuana permitted in PA: oils, pills, topicals (creams, ointments & gels), tinctures, liquids, and vaporization or nebulization. The form used will have different effects, mostly on how long it takes to feel its effects, when they peak and how long they will last. Selling edibles and smoking of the plant is not allowed in PA, but it is legal to mix medical marijuana into drinks or food in order to ingest it. 

Will I gain weight using medical marijuana?

Studies have shown that medical marijuana use is NOT associated with weight gain and it may actually improve weight loss. 

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